Callum Hardingham


The Background

Although Callum already a domain and a basic website, his website was very basic and in need of some care and attention.

After talking to Callum it became clear that he wanted a website that showed his personality and passion for what he does.

Our Solution

Callum now has a website that totally reflects what he is all about, along with a simple navigation structure, we have included an online form for his prospective clients to complete.

This was one of Callum's main requests, as he only works with a few selected people at a time.


I really enjoy simple and easy, and often I find the world of tech overly complicated. I have had a number of websites created in the past and all of these experiences involved frustration, confusion, and a result I was not necesssarily proud of. 
Working with Rich restored my faith in web designers. It was an enjoyable project and one which Rich made simply and easy to understand from the start. What really stood out for me was Rich’s intuitive ability to understand and discover who I was as a person and portrait this in my website. 
I am very happy with my website and the support Rich offered throughout our time working together. I now finally have someone I can recommend working with for an enjoyable experience and one which results in the website you want and need. 
Better still I now finally have a website I am proud to show off! 
Callum Hardingham